Katie Chapman

Associate Consultant

Katie joined the Erica Weddings team as a Wedding Day Assistant in 2012 after graduating from Oklahoma State University. Katie was promoted to the position of Associate Consultant in 2015.  Katie spent time building upon her experience by taking a position as a full-time event planner at a local venue. During her time in the industry as both a member of the Erica Weddings team and a local venue coordinator, Katie has planned and organized numerous weddings with Brides and Grooms to ensure their day is extraordinary and ‘hiccup-free’.

Katie enjoys coordinating weddings because they are filled with intricate details and back-to-back events rolled into one ‘Big’ day.  She has an eye for detail and stellar time management skills that make her perfectly equipped to make sure your day runs smoothly.

Her favorite part of any wedding day is “the moment when the couple sees each other for the first time. Whether during a first look or waiting to see each other until the aisle, when the couple locks eyes their faces light up and everything around them falls silent. This moment is a reflection of what weddings are all about- celebrating two joyful and united souls.”

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